Composted Hardwood Humus


1-5 cubic yards purchased



6 plus yards, volume discount


Benefits of Composted Hardwood Humus

  • Produced from plant material
  • High in organic matter, loosens soil
  • Increased water-holding capacity for soil
  • Low in available nutrients, low propensity to burn plants
  • Free of weed seeds
  • Beneficial soil biology
  • No unpleasant odor
  • Free of harmful pathogens
  • Fine texture, easily handled with a shovel

Recommended Uses

  • Gardens
  • Flower beds
  • Berry beds
  • Tree planting
  • Shrub planting
  • Preparing for turf, sod or seed
  • A dense peat moss substitute

Directions for Use

Confirmation - Be sure to cross reference the product on your receipt of purchase to confirm you are reading the directions of use for the correct product.

Location of use - Composted Bark is a soil amendment and therefore has many uses which include, but are not limited to, vegetable and herb gardens, flower beds, berry beds, tree and shrub planting, and preparing for turf (sod or seed).

     Vegtable Gardens and Flower Beds -  Depth recommendations for Vegtable Gardens and Flower Beds vary between 1 -