What is the difference between certified organic and nutrient dense?

Some differences between certified organic standards and nutrient dense standards are as follows. Certified organic standards are a list of practices that a grower must NOT perform. Example, no herbicides, no pesticides, no fungicides, no chemicals, etc. With this standard it is possible, even probable, for a pink tomato to be presented at market with a respectable label. Nutrient dense standards are an outcome based standard. A grower's product must meet a threshhold standard for mineral content (nutritional value) in order to carry this label. If the food was grown with natural or organic rules and yet has little nutritional value, it is considered poor quality. Nutrient dense standards are often based on food nutritional values from the 1940's, before our nation's soils began depleting. For more on this subject see our article "Organic vs Nutrient dense, Both And."