Can I use soils to fill my containers of potted plants?

No, soil mixes are not recommended for filling small to medium pots. We recommend that in the case of filling any kind of container intended for potted plants that you use a container mix, ours or a garden center's. Our container mix, our square foot gardening mix, or our garden soil recipe #5 work very well for container gardening. When a topsoil, amended topsoil, or commercial planting mix is used in a small container the plant suffers from a lack of oxygen and water due to the heavy nature of an actual soil. Because of the density and weight of a topsoil, it is far superior to use a potting media, which is significantly lighter, providing a great deal more porosity for channeling water and oxygen to the roots of the potted plant. Soil mixes (containing topsoil) are intended for filling raised beds, flower beds, gardens, and any other large bed for the growing of outdoor plants (vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials alike).