Amended Topsoil

Nitrogen Rich Topsoil

Beginning with a rich amended topsoil is a great way to FOOL-PROOF soil preparation for your grass project. A preblended mix of 70% topsoil together with 30% dairy compost insures consistancy throughout your project. A clean fertile layer of amended topsoil has the advantage of covering over many unwanted surprises. By adding soil to your project you avoid existing tree roots, hidden rocks as well as "construction treasures" or trash. You also avoid the work and cost of rototilling. All while yet gaining the benifits of fertility; increased water holding capacity, high organic matter and healthy microbial populations. Benifits which all aid you in reducing your water bill as well as establishing a healthy sustainable lawn. 

We formulated Amended Topsoil to be high in compost-derived nitrogen guaranteed to grow an abundance of lush green foliage.  While this nitrogen ratio makes Amended Topsoil ideal for planting any type of turf, it is not suitable for blossoming plants.  For example, if you plant a tomato in our amended topsoil, your tomato will reach for the sky, growing to six feet high, with not a single blossom.  Amended topsoil is wonderful if you desire vivid hearty green, but not so if you are aiming for a record tomato crop.  We recommend one of our several planting mixes for best results with vegetables, annuals, trees and shrubs.


1-5 cubic yards purchased



6 plus yards, volume discount


Clean, well blended soil makes a project easy.

Amended Topsoil provides a fast, easy alternative to the work and mess of rototilling in preperation for planting grass and laying sod.

Benefits of Amended Topsoil

  • Lay it down, rake it out & seed or sod - FOOL PROOF
  • High organic matter for maximum pore space
  • Increased water holding capacity
  • Benefical microorganisms
  • Fine, workable texture (1/2" minus)


  • Turf, sod or seed
  • Covering rocky soil
  • Complete turf soil
  • Leveling low spots by topdressing
  • Covering exposed tree roots

When planting grass seed into amended topsoil, roll the loose soil with a "sod roller" after sowing the seed but before applying any water. Sod rollers are availible at most rental shops. If you don't have access to a sod roller, try firming the seed bed up by gently walking on the sown area. By firming the soil around the grass seed you will double your germination rate. No joke, the first time a customer suggested this I laughed. He laughed last when I couldn't tell the difference between his seeding job and the sod next door after only 17 days.

Directions for Use

Confirmation  -  Be sure to cross reference the product on your reciept of purchase to confirm you are reading the directions of use for the correct product.

Location of use - Amended topsoil is a fool-proof, preblended soil for a landscaper to apply, rake out, and plant grasses directly into.  As a landscaper you know that different plants grow better in various types of soil blends.  Let's look into what applications and plants are best suited for growing in Amended Topsoil.

  • Plant types - Amended topsoil is designed to grow an abundant amount of green foliage.   Plants that will do well living in this soil will mainly be turf grasses, both sod and seed.  Because of the high percentage of Dairy Compost blended into our Amended Topsoil, the soil is prone to grow heavy on the foliage.  This is a great choice if you want the greenest lawn on your block together with a low water bill.
  • Applications - Amended topsoil works wonderfully in areas of sod preparation where roto tilling is not a desirable option.  An example of this is the rocky subsoil in the mountains.  This soil covers right over rocks.   Another example would be covering exposed tree roots.  Yet another example of use is where a landscaper wants a fast and easy solution for general sod preparation. With no rocks and a 1/2" minus sizing, amended topsoil is the fast way to the finish line for turf preparation.

Depth - Amended topsoil is good at any depth.  Keep in mind that the deeper your layer of good soil, the more volume your plants roots will have to grow into, draw nutrients from, and store water in.  Our general guideline is from 2" - 6" in depth for planting turf.  The closer to 6" your depth is, the healthier and more resilient your turf will be.  Keep in mind that your added soil will settle over time.  When you choose your depth, be sure to account for between 10% and 20% settling.  Begin with your end goal in mind.

Moisture - Amended topsoil is shipped as dry as the seasonal conditions allow.  We aim for this so that the soil will be easier to handle as you work with it.  Because of this you will want to be sure to soak the soil well after you have planted your seed or sod.